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shipping costs

shipping calculator
The shopping cart order form will calculate the shipping costs for you. The Shipping Calculator gives you the opportunity to work out the cost of different shipping options before you order. The larger the order, the lower the cost of each item becomes.

shipping time
Please expect to wait up to 14 days for your delivery. Where possible of course we will ship products sooner.

customs duties
UNLESS INSTRUCTED OTHERWISE, the full value of the goods will be declared for customs purposes when shipping internationally. We will only be responsible for loss or damage to orders at the value denoted in the customs declaration.

Returns Policy
Returns will be given at the discretion of Company Management

Timing of returns
Products should be inspected immediately upon receipt. Any problems should be immediately communicated to Whatmusic and a return requested within 1 week of receipt. If the item is accepted for return The item should be returned to Whatmusic within one week of the return request being granted. Failure to return defective items within one week may cancel the customer's right to reimbursement.

Any new product purchased from Whatmusic that is defective due to manufacturer error will be replaced by another of the same item. If the same item is discontinued a refund or credit for the same value will be given.

Descriptive Errors
Subject to discretion of Whatmusic returns staff, returns may be made possible on incorrectly described product, i.e. wrong song titles listed.

Processing Error
Return of incorrectly fulfilled orders, which result from Whatmusic staff errors, will be granted. Returns that are the result of customer error or of perceived errors in customer taste will not be allowed.

Please remember to discuss returns before returning product to us!!

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